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About Teresa

Product Manager and Trainer, Teresa L. Lemos, has coordinated discovery processes and the development of digital solutions on four continents over the past five years. Her experience gained in digital transformation across various sectors, and her contact with multicultural teams, coupled with her desire to learn, have motivated her to share her knowledge. Born in Lisbon, she considers herself a creative and determined professional whose goal is to see ideas become successful and user-oriented products. Currently, she works as a Product Manager at Dengun Startup Studio and as a Trainer at ETIC Algarve.

Teresa L. Lemos


Software PROJECTS Managed


hours providing training


years experience


Product Manager.
Software Development Project Manager.
Licenced Trainer.

Dengun Startup Studio

Building Digital Products Identifying the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulating the definition of success, and coordinating teams to turn that vision into a reality within a specific budget and timeframe.

Etic Algarve

Providing training in pitching & entrepreneurship and SEO and structured meta information to Web & Mobile Development course students.

Triplesky Studio

Managing Branding Projects and Coordinating Teams

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